Practical Resources for Moving as a Pet Owner

Moving is a major undertaking, especially when you own a pet. But by carefully searching for the right home, supporting your pet during your travels, and focusing on creating a safe environment in your new home, you’ll avoid potential pitfalls and ensure that your pet is healthy before and after your move.

PawsLikeMe Pet Talk Blog shares resources to help ease the stress of the moving process for pet owners.

Tips for Finding a New Home

How can you find a property that is perfect for your whole family, including your pet? These resources will provide valuable guidance.

Use a rental listing site that allows you to filter specifically for pet-friendly properties in your preferred Orlando neighborhood.
Look for a property that has amenities like a fenced yard.
Note how many people you see walking their dogs in any given neighborhood. If there are lots of pet owners out and about, it might be a good fit!

Moving Day Arrives

You’re ready to hit the road. With these resources, the trip can be easy for both you and your pet.

Pack up your belongings in an organized fashion and clearly label the boxes with your pet’s items.
You’ll have your hands full on moving day. Consider hiring a pet sitter to care for your furry friend.
Your dog might feel a bit nervous during long car rides, so implement strategies to keep them calm, like driving brief distances before stopping the car and rewarding them when they exit.

Make Your Home Safe

Your home may have some hidden hazards for your pet. Follow these tips to keep your animal companion safe.

If your new place has a backyard but no fence, ask your landlord if you can build a DIY fence to prevent your pet from running away.
Follow these steps to pet-proof your home’s interior.
If you’re worried about your pet’s health after the move, order at-home diagnostic tests to check up on them.

Having Fun With Your Pet

It’s time to enjoy everything your new city has to offer. Here’s how to make the most of it with your pet.

Give your pet a reward for behaving well during the move — spoil them with new toys!
One of the quickest ways to acclimate your pet to their new home is by giving them a bath and a good drying, then rewarding them with a favorite yummy.
Want your pet to start socializing again? Head to your nearest dog park, where you can both meet some new friends.
Go beyond your new backyard and explore the great outdoors with your pet to learn more about your area.

Relocating with your pet is a big decision that will change both of your lives. But with the right approach, it can also be a fun and uplifting experience. By going over these resources, you’ll be more than ready to pack up and move somewhere new with your pet.


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