Ten Reasons why everyone should adopt a pet

Ten Reasons why everyone should adopt a dog
Adopting The Dog That’s Right For You is what PawsLikeMe is all about. But what about the bigger question out there?
WHY should everyone Adopt or Rescue their next pet?
Hmm… Well first the obvious, they’re not called “Man’s Best Friend” for nothing! Since the beginning of time, dogs have been mankind’s constant loyal companion.
Many people think the only way to get a dog that suits them best is to go to a breeder. Not true at all! A responsible animal shelter has employees and volunteers who work with individual animals and know each animal’s unique personality and can pair you with the one that’s best for you.
When you adopt, you’re not only giving a better life to the dog you adopted, you’re also allowing the shelter room to take in another homeless animal. When you think about it, you’re really helping two dogs at once when you adopt! If you need more reasons, please read attached info-graphic.
Mary Nielsen recently shared with us this really awesome infographic that tells the story beautifully (thanks Mary :)
So check out the graphic, and share it with your friends and family this Holiday season. Tell the world while you’re at it – Adopting is saving, loving, helping, and when you use PawsLikeMe, it’s practically risk free ;)
10 reasons everyone should adopt graphic