The power of community helps save animals

We recently received an email from a person who had a dog dropped off on her doorstep. This dog is very skinny, and the fur from his neck is missing. This person thinks he may have had a collar embedded in his neck. Unfortunately, she’s not able to keep the dog – she already has an alpha male in her house – and she’s not sure what to do.

This scenario plays out each day across the country. Animals that are abused and neglected get dropped off somewhere, and sometimes this happens to animals that are loved and protected as circumstances change in our lives. A dog behind a fence looking into the camera.Change is a given, and sometimes things happen that we weren’t expecting and certainly didn’t want to happen.

That’s why it’s so important that we all work together. Our model is to work with the person that currently cares for a dog, helping them find a home for their pet. Other models, like shelters and rescues, offer to take the dog into a facility or a home and to care for the pet until a home is found.  All of these models are attempting to help save animals.

One of the largest organizations in the country is Best Friends. If you’re not familiar with them, you should take a look at their website. They’ve created an animal sanctuary, including the legendary, Dogtown. And, yes, they helped the Michael Vick dogs rehabilitate, the Vicktory dogs.

They’ve created a network of partners that share in their no-kill vision to “save them all.” They know they can’t do it alone, and so they’re working to build this network to help keep healthy animals from being euthanized.

We’re working to do the same. We help rescues and shelters promote their pets, and we help individuals find the right home for their pet. Our startup company is trying to build a community and a network of partnerships that will help fulfill our mission:

PawsLikeMe helps people and pets find each other and live happier lives together.

We won’t be able to do this alone, but with the power of the community, we can work together to help keep healthy animals alive and in loving homes.

photo credit: Before it Started Barking via photopin (license)