Adopting a dog is all about personality!

No matter how you adopt, adopting a dog into the family is a big decision! If you have human kids and other furry kids the decision gets even more complex. You want to do the right thing, and you want to make sure that your family is safe and that you’re bringing an animal into your pack that won’t cause trouble.

We know this because we all have families, and we all choose to adopt. It’s one of the main reasons that we developed our matching algorithm to help people and pets find each other.

We developed the algorithm by matching people to their existing pets. We’ve achieved a 91% accuracy rate through our development, meaning that 91% of the pets and people agree that the description is accurate. So, when you see a pet on our site, you get a really good idea about that pet.

We measure both humans and canines across four personality dimensions:When adopting a dog, you should consider personality.  Here is a picture of the pet profile personality break down on a monitor.

  1. Energy
  2. Independence
  3. Focus
  4. Confidence

Personality is the most important factor to consider when adopting a dog

Energy – here we measure physical and mental energy. Dogs with high energy tend to be very motivated and active. Dogs with low energy prefer the lazy life and won’t go out of their way to keep entertained.

Me? I like ‘em lazy! Is there anything better than binge watching your favorite show with your dog on your lap or at your feet? Do you want a dog close by you? Your Independence score will let you let know.

Independence – Independence measures a dog’s level of affection. Very independent dogs are happy with minimal physical contact; a glance or kind word makes them happy. Dogs with low independence thrive on being petted, giving kisses, and being in contact with someone as frequently as possible.

Me? I want a cuddle buddy. In fact, my wife might tell you that I need a cuddle buddy.

Focus – the Focus dimension measures a dog’s ability to concentrate on a given task. High focus dogs are not easily distracted and are well suited for advanced training. A low focus dog is spontaneous in play and easily distracted.

Me? The more distracted, the better! Sometimes high focus can equal stubborn and though our hounds can be stubborn they’re pretty easily distracted with some food!

Confidence – here we measure the dog’s level of security. Dogs with high confidence confront new situations and people with no hesitation. Dogs with low confidence will need moreWhen adopting a dog you should consider personality. Daisy and Birdie have the the perfect personalities for us! guidance and reassurance in their daily life.

Me? I’m cool with a dog that needs a little reassurance. Heck, I even need a little reassurance every now and again.

Then we measure what people (you!) want and bring people and pets together. We know it’s not all about the numbers and that what your dog looks like is another very important consideration, so we have pictures on our site too!

As you can see, I want a low energy cuddle bug that likes to play and stay close to me. Match that with my love for hounds, and Daisy and Birdie are the perfect matches for my family!

How about you? Are you looking to adopt a dog? Do you want to find a canine match? Head over to and take the quiz. It only takes a few minutes, and there’s no obligation to adopt. But you never know, you just might find the right dog and fall madly in love!